James Teitsma
MLA for Radisson/Député de Radisson
Keeping our word

- Reduced the PST from 8% to 7%
- Reduced ambulance fees by 50%
- Shortened ER wait times
- Invested $1 billion annually in infrastructure

Listening to the front line

- Speaking with nurses and doctors
- Hearing from seniors
- Available, accountable and active in the community.

Moving Manitoba Forward
- Lower taxes for families
- Better health care sooner
- 20 new schools
- 40,000 new jobs
- Made-in-Manitoba Green Plan
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James has been the MLA for Radisson since being elected in April 2016.

Active in the community, James works hard helping constituents and listening to their concerns.

James has used his background in financial planning and business to get better value for our tax dollars. His common-sense initiatives have saved Manitoba taxpayers millions annually.

As a father of six children, James knows how important it is to protect vulnerable children and improve our Child and Family Services system. He’s proud to be part of a government that is giving Manitobans and their children a brighter future.


James Teitsma for Radisson
James Teitsma for Radisson
Manitoba's NDP are proposing to spend $30million annually providing in-school breakfasts to students.

This is a BAD IDEA.

Don't get me wrong - kids need breakfast.

But they need to eat breakfast IN THEIR HOME even more.

In typical NDP fashion, Wab and his crew are more interested in virtue signalling than actual virtue.

If a child is coming to school hungry, that needs to change. But the BEST solution is to address the root issues in the home. We need to understand why the children are not getting breakfast at home and take steps to ensure that they do. A universal school breakfast program doesn't do that.

It's even worse when you consider the message the NDP are sending to families who are already doing what they believe is important by providing breakfast for their children, especially if they struggle to do so. The NDP is effectively telling those parents not to bother.

The fact is that having breakfast together as a family is hugely beneficial to children (and parents too, for that matter). Having breakfast together has been shown to improve diet quality and lower the risk for obesity. It also helps teach kids how to live independently and make their own meals. In fact, having teenagers and adolescents eating with their family is associated with:
- healthier eating into adulthood
- healthier body weight
- lower risk of disordered eating
- less use of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol
- fewer behavior problems and decreased early sexual activity
- better self-esteem and less depression
- better grades and higher scores on achievement tests at school

Why would the NDP oppose all of that?

Instead of trying to help families, the NDP want to take the responsibility of providing breakfast away from parents - along with all the benefits of doing so.

It's all the wrong message. That's why promoting a universal in-school breakfast program is a BAD IDEA.

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The large urban riding extends from Day Street to Panet Road and from Grassie Blvd to Dugald Road. It includes the Transcona Bioreserve at the east end of Devonshire and the entire Kildonan Place shopping district. It includes established neighbourhoods like Mission Gardens, Harbourview South, Eaglemere, Lakeside Meadows, Kildonan Meadows, Kildonan Green and Transcona north of Kildare and west of Day St. It also includes the large new development encompassing Crocus Meadows, Devonshire Park, Devonshire Village and Starlite Village.

Radisson is a diverse riding that includes large residential areas, but also shopping (Kildonan Place shopping district), industrial areas (Terracon Place, north Dugald), automotive vehicle sales (“The Strip” on Regent), hospitality (CanAd Inns, Club Regent Casino) and much much more!

If you are not sure whether you live in the riding, check the map to your right.



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