Winnipeg Harvest

IMG_0170I took the opportunity to attend a special meeting of the Rotary Club of Winnipeg East AM at the Winnipeg Harvest headquarters on Winnipeg Ave early this morning. The Rotary Club made a healthy donation towards Winnipeg Harvest’s $3 million dollar annual operating budget.

Winnipeg Harvest’s own Donald Benham gave us an overview of the objectives and purposes of Winnipeg Harvest (which essentially, though ironically, comes down to: eliminate the need for food banks).

Note that Winnipeg Harvest relies 100% on donations to cover it’s operating expenses and receives NO government funding from either the provincial or federal government.

And they do amazing work. I really appreciate the way they involve food bank recipients (past and present) not only in their volunteer team, but also in their decision making processes and to shape their future plans. This isn’t some theoretical view of what’s happening in homes of Manitoban’s – it’s grounded in real experiences by real people facing real challenges.

After a tour of the facilities, they put us to work making food kits consisting of one can fruit or vegetables, one protein (lentils, beans or canned meat or fish), one pasta/rice and one cooking mix or dry soup or oatmeal.